This technology uses natural based extracts to provide immediate color to the skin that lasts one-to-two days. Examples of natural bronzers are walnut oil, walnut shell extract, caramel, henna, carrot oil, banana, or black tea extract. These natural extracts are considered cosmetic bronzers because they add additional color to the skin, much like a cosmetic make-up.

Natural bronzers are designed to:
  • Encourage the tanning process and establish a base tan
  • Build a darker natural tan without the use of DHA
This technology uses the self-tanning agent (DHA) to increase dark color. Erythrulose is often used in conjunction with DHA. Both are sugar cane extracts that chemically darken the protein in the skin, the more DHA used the darker the shade of brown. The color typically lasts for four to seven days and is seen within two-to-four hours after application. Hand washing is required with the use of DHA tanning lotions.

Delayed bronzers are designed to:
  • Give an extra boost of color for faster visible results
  • Help keep color longer
Melanin enhancing bronzers are the newest technology in color enhancement. These bronzers break tradition with an advantageous twist of a true sunless, self tanner based on stimulation of melanin biosynthesis. These are streak free and do not wash off because the color is the natural tan of the skin but at the darkest tone possible. When Melanin Enhancing Bronzers are used alone or with Natural Bronzers (without Delayed/DHA bronzers), they take longer but produce a darker more• natural color.

The Melanin Enhancing Bronzers used are:
  1. DermaDark® Bronzers (anyone of 15 bronzing agents including BioTanning® and MAP)
  2. CellDark™ Bronzers
  3. NutriDark™ Bronzers
  4. TanDark™ Technology
It’s easy to remember -Melanin Enhancing Bronzers always contain the word DARK!

Melanin Enhancing Bronzers are designed to:
  • Be low maintenance
  • Enhance darker natural color, achievable only with use of these bronzers
  • Because the color is natural it is maintained longer
Tan Activators are not bronzers but a botanically based melanin enhancer.

BIOBRONZE™ TECHNOLOGY: This melanin enhancer is a proprietary blend of natural botanical ingredients. BioBronze’M significantly stimulates tyrosinase, which is the kick-start for providing immediate, rich color. It is also a rich source of Vitamin ( with strong antioxidant properties. BioBronze™ technology helps to activate tan color to achieve even richer hues than could previously be reached with the current bronzing system. BioBronze™ technology is used in all categories of lotions without making them a "bronzer".

Tan Activators are designed to:
  • Kick-start the development of dark color
  • Work with or without other bronzers to develop color
  • Help prolong color by prepping the skin with needed nutrients
POWER Tingle Advisory: Do not use Tingle products on face. Testing a small area before application is mandatory.

WHO should use:
Tingle products are for advanced tanners who like to experience a warming sensation during tanning and see a reddening effed on their skin after tanning. These products are not recommended for sensitive skin tanners. These products should never be used for outdoor tanning.

Tingle products are available in a range of intensity from Tingle 2 to Tingle 45. First time users should start with the lowest tingle and work their way up to stronger tingles when they are comfortable.

WHAT tingle does:
Tingle is benzyl nicotinate which stimulates and increases microcirculation of the skin for greater, more intense tanning results.

HOW To Use:
Testing a small area before application is mandatory. Do not apply to face. Tingle products should be applied to the skin immediately prior to tanning. Wipe or wash hands after use. Do not touch eyes or other sensitive areas of the body. Showering is not recommended for 4 hours after use. If skin needs cooling after use, Australian Gold® Aloe Freeze Gel with Lidocaine is recommended .

Benzyl nicotinate causes the reddening appearance and warming effect on the skin as a result of the increase in blood flow. This is similar to the flush you feel when your blood flow increases when you begin exercising. The increased blood flow increases the oxygen level in the skin, which aids in the delivery of required nutrients.

Tingle causes a temporary skin response. The duration of the effect depends on the intensity of the ingredients and the sensitivity of each individual’s skin. The tingle response initiates fairly quickly (within 5 minutes) once the product is applied and will last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours.
Cooling products are for clients who like to feel a cooling sensation on the skin during and immediately after tanning.

WHAT cooling does:
Cooling products contain special skin cooling ingredients like menthol. These counteract the heat of the tanning bed by drawing warmth away from the skin.

HOW To Use:
Cooling products should be applied to the skin immediately prior to tanning. Care should be taken to wipe hands after application and to avoid touching the eyes or other sensitive areas.
In 2005, Australian Gold® brands delivered to the industry a revolutionary new tanning technology: BodyBlush® Blends. Utilizing a proprietary blend of ingredients, BodyBlush® lotions delivered the first effective "tingle-free tingle". The ingredient technology used in BodyBlush® formulas provide a slight blush color and increased oxygen levels in the skin during the tanning process, causing faster color development without the irritating side effects that tanners have, for years, associated with traditional "tingle" or "hot action" products. This non-irritating blend produces products that are perfect for any tanner at any stage of color development and are acceptable for application on the face. Australian Gold uses BodyBlush® technology in all of its product lines and also combines this technology with advanced bronzers in several products, creating the fastest, darkest color producing products in the indoor industry.

WHO they’re for:
BodyBlush® is ideal for all customers regardless of their tanning level who want the results of a traditional tingle product without the irritation.

WHAT they do:
BodyBlush® blend is a proprietary blend of non-irritating ingredients designed to increase oxygen levels in the skin to promote faster coloration without the irritating side effects that standard tingle products produce.

HOW they should be used:
BodyBlush® products should be applied evenly immediately prior to UV exposure.
BodyBlush® products are irritant-free and safe for application to the face.
The Heatwave™ Warming Complex is a UV-activated sentient that creates a mild warming sensation, perfect for any tanner. The warming feeling provides for a more relaxing and "spa-like" experience. It also imparts the skin with a beautiful, healthy glow!

What Heatwave™ Warming Complex does:
The Heatwave™ Warming Complex stimulates the blood capillary circulation to the skin, providing a long lasting "glow".

How Heatwave™ Warming Complex should be used: Apply liberally in circular motions immediately prior to tanning. Wash or wipe hands after application.

TANNING ADVISORY: Experiencing a warming sensation of the skin is normal and a result of our HeatWave™ Warming Complex formula. Extra care should be taken when handling children as the warming effect could be transferred to skin even hours after use.